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Medicine Man

Posted by llacroie on October 16, 2013 at 1:15 PM

Medicine Man,

you breathe life

into pharma-pills.

Take my cash..

Give me smiles..

Won't take time,

to read my files..

In the valley of death

you treat the sick like goldmines

bleed illness as milk

blind heart to their tears.


You; Medicine Man


Swallow vows


with Vodka;


Vomit reassurance.



Here's my beef with most doctors in Egypt.

At a time when death threatened to flirt with my mother, I ran! I ran from hospital to hospital, from doctor to doctor, from clinic to clinic, from morning to night, from one side of Cairo to the other. 

Doctors cancelled five minutes before our scheduled appointment.. or they showed up late.. or they didn't show up at all.

They sat in pompous chairs and wrote with pompous pens as they glanced over medical files like they were still studying in med school. Prescriptions Prescriptions Prescriptions Prescriptions.

"The ACE inhibitor will do no good, so we'll take a calcium beta blocker." Ok, but edema kicked in and the water retention is up to her chest.

"Edema is a normal side-effect..her feet will hurt for a while." Ok, you're not listening, the water retention is up to her chest.

"Buy Examide 25mg, take two every morning, it will help with the swelling in her feet." Ok, the water is up to her chest! 

And then you should have seen the look on their faces when we showed up a week later.. "Oh my goodness!! The water is up to your chest!"


Now, don't get me wrong..I know there are some absolutely brilliant doctors here. I know because I've met them. But the majority get two, very big, very pointy, very accusatory thumbs down from me. Two lines of work you don't ever sh** with: Medicine and Education.

Get with it, people, the world will never slow down, it will never stop spinning on it's axis. It won't wait for you.. not for a minute.. not for a second. I don't care what you did yesterday cause the Earth won't spin that way either. I care about now. I care about tomorrow. Once you've read this, take a moment and consider what you're gonna do in the morning..

We'll be here waiting for you to do what you vowed to do. Do you remember the words?

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