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Make Art, Not War...Happy Eid

Posted by llacroie on October 15, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Remember when I wrote about the 80s? How the world seemed to be in an utter state of confusion..?

Well, it's 2013, and though I feel as though I, pretty much, get it, I don't feel as though the world is getting with it!  

For real, how many people have to die in the name of God or Sin?

How many must continue to starve while half the world throws out their left-overs?

How many must go to sleep alone when there are others wanting and willing to love and be loved?

And how many must continue to oppress simply because someone, once upon a time, gave them the legal right to..?

Yes, I write about it.. I talk about it.. but I also do something about it. I do what I can because I can.

It's Eid today, and though it's an Islamic season, all over the world people are celebrating. Soon it will be Halloween, and though it's an American festivity, all over the world people will be celebrating. And then Thanksgiving...and then Christmas...and then New Years... and then more and more and more.

I like these celebrations because it's about putting aside differences and celebrating what we have in common. For a short while, we can ignore the agendas, to-do lists, political will, economic crises, and historical turmoils and be the human beings we need to be. For a while, it's not all about's about the others...our brothers and sisters...our fathers and mothers. It's about the rest of the world that defines Mankind to us.

For a while, we stop worrying about ourselves, and carry each other.

It's Eid today, and the last thing I needed was to turn on the television and see the deathtoll from the traffic accidents caused by the oil spilled by the Brotherhood on highways and bridges. 

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