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Posted by llacroie on October 7, 2013 at 3:10 PM

Sexy title, right?

I mean, there's something about feline animals that project allure and a sense of elegant mystery. But this entry has nothing to do with all that. See, a little over a month ago, my Dad went out for a walk in the neighborhood and came back carrying a newborn kitten. He found it crying in a dumpster. It was white with little patches of orange and grey.

When I saw it, it was plainly obvious that it was too young to feed on its own. It wouldn't stop crying. In the movie The Crow, the character Eric Draven played by actor/musician, the late Brandon Lee said, "mother is the word for God on the hearts and lips of all children". Maybe the same applies to cats.. and everything else.

So, my sister did the best she could, but the kitten wouldn't stop crying. We had to find the Mama! At that point, my 11 year old son woke up and caught wind of what's happening. "Mom! What are you waiting for? Get dressed! We have to find her!"

Off we went driving out towards the dumpster my father had described. A new sound caught our ears echoing our little kitten's. Was it the mother?? My son and I crossed the street, and as we neared the dumpster, the voice became louder and so did our rescue's. Their little voices combined were absolutely deafening! What we saw stopped us dead in our tracks. 

In front of the dumpster, just off the side-walk and in the street, was a tiny little black kitten. A sibling??

Instinctively, I bent down and picked it up. To our amazement, the moment I placed the black kitten beside the one I carried, they both became silent. They were together again; home.

In Egypt, we don't have proper animal shelters. In past years, with the economy plumetting, we can hardly shelter our people, let alone our cats. Taking the cats home was not an option for me and my little one. You see, my mother is quite sick and strictly prohibited to be around animals. As much as my heart melts for animals and strays, my mother comes first.

I found a security guard sitting beside a large villa. He had seen the entire episode and promised to ask around for the mother as I placed the two kittens in the shade of a shrubbery by his side. Our hearts prayed for the feline siblings as we drove away.

So, when all this happened over a month ago, why am I writing about it now? Because two days ago a kitten, a little frisky kitten came to play in our garden. She was white with little patches of orange. My son and husband caught it jumping around trying to catch dragon flies. It cries non-stop until someone takes out food for her. Yesterday, a black kitten came by as well; same age.

I write this now on the couch in my living room. Outside my window that leads to the garden, a little white and orange cat has been sitting for the past hour and a half. She cries non-stop when the screen is closed. When I open the screen, she won't come in, but she stops crying.

My husband and my son have made a new friend; seems I have, too.

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